Rickey Joe Story 


The heart of a nation is used to describe a nations character just as the heart of man is used to describe his character. Character is comprised of our innermost thoughts, motives and attitudes. God knows what goes on inside our minds. He evaluates our intents and motivations. The internal aspects of our character count the most with Him. He considers our behavior in light of what is in our hearts.

Our nation is nothing more than a collection of individuals; it does not function on its own but rather reflects the character and morality of the men who are willing to accept the responsibility of leadership and the people who select them as leaders. If as a society we have no provision for teaching Godly character to our children we can expect more of the moral decay we see today.  For, ultimately, liberalism in democracy acknowledges no limitation upon individual will except that which is imposed by individual conscience.

The source of our democracy is the individual. The only religion in the world that recognizes the rights of the individual is Christianity. In Biblical faith, people learn to respect each other and work together for the good of the individual. Its basis is trust in GOD that by grace through belief in Jesus Christ, His Spirit will lead us. Faith in God, prayer and the Bible, were the foundation of our society. They provided a source of honor and respect for the family, diligent work ethics, absolute values of right and wrong, honesty in business practices, wholesomeness in leadership, and respect toward authority.

What has happened to traditional American values and independent thought?  

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