Rickey Joe Story 




Islamic conquest of the world is near. Islam has moved from the subversive infiltration stage into the final campaign of terror all over the world!


This war is not like any war we have fought in the history of our nation. The enemy is among us.


This is a war to define who we are as a people. Do we really believe our motto “One Nation Under God”? If so who is that GOD as a nation we must decide if we believe.


Jesus is LORD of all.


As a nation we must put JESUS on display for by faith He lives in our nation.


As a people indwelled by the Holy Spirit we should always lift up Jesus. Are we doing that as individuals? Is JESUS being lifted up by the action of our nation?


In real life we express Jesus to others and experience Jesus through others. JESUS is love.


We should strive to be like Jesus Christ. We should serve with the character of Christ as individuals and as a nation. We as individuals and as a nation have been provided with a specific purpose. By Gods divine appointment we are enabled with gifts that are unique to us as individuals and as a nation.


Every gift that is used God will use it for good. Our labor is not in vain, it is required for the full manifestation of God’s blessing upon our nation and the world.

Each gift has multiple expressions of how it might be utilized don’t let the expression of your gift be missing from the tapestry of our nation. For the building up of the body of Christ within we need everyone to use the gifts they have in order to achieve the full Blessings of God.


What is it that you can’t stand that God can’t stand either? Invest your gift for a purpose in life; put it to work.


The use of our gifts in the Spirit produces a variety of effects. As we each draw closer to Him we draw closer together as a nation, a people, and the Body of Christ. God will determine the level of eternal impact.


Christ lives in me by faith. I am not afraid.


Don’t sit on the side lines. Bring us to the fullness of Christ!  TAKE ACTION



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