Rickey Joe Story 

Freedom of Religion

Separation of Church and State, the “Freedom of Religion”

A gestalt switch is underway in world history as three worldviews are vying for the hearts and minds of its people. They are the Muslim view with militant Islam having called for worldwide jihad to institute its brand of religious theocracy, Western European with Secular Humanism demanding the rights for individuals to do anything they wish, and American Judeo-Christianity with capitalism and freedom of religion.

The future of the world hangs in the balance as the paradigms of old have been destroyed. The United States of America is at the center of attention trying to define what the founding fathers meant by “Freedom of Religion”.

America, more divided than at anytime in history, is fighting for survival. One of the reasons Americans fought the war of Independence was for the free exercise of religion, the right not to be under a state-controlled religion. The Civil War was fought to free the slaves as the founding fathers had allowed slavery to continue in order to engender the support of the agricultural south. Now Americans face an equally big challenge as three distinct worldviews are on a collision course within the US borders and around the world.

A three-way culture war to determine what to teach children about religion (Specifically the Christian Religion) and morality as restraints upon the liberal sensual desires of freemen is underway. My name sake, Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story said this in his commentaries about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights:  

"§ 1869. It yet remains a problem to be solved in human affairs, whether any free government can be permanent, where the public worship of God, and the support of religion, constitute no part of the policy or duty of the state in any assignable shape. The future experience of Christendom, and chiefly of the American states, must settle this problem, as yet new in the history of the world, abundant, as it has been, in experiments in the theory of government.”  

Internecine violence within the Muslim world has spread around the globe as powerful Islamic sects fight for supremacy of the Muslim world. They have fought to depose despotic dictators, not for freedom of religion, but to define which of the Islamic sects will rule the world.

They want to fuse together the many thousands of Islamic organizations throughout the world into a single Caliphate.

In traditional Muslim society, all spheres of life are theoretically ruled by religious law, and religious organizations do not exist apart from the state. Therefore, a free democracy cannot exist in the Muslim world. The “Arab Spring” has turned into fall, and Turkey which was once an example of what could be accomplished in a Muslim country by separating religion from the state is, along with most of the Arab Spring nations, moving down a pathway to form a government based on control by the Islamic religion and Sharia law.

Islam is afraid to dispel Sharia law and recognize that all men and women are created equal in the sight of God. The world sees Sharia law exploiting such things as public executions, beheadings, amputations and floggings to control people. Those are terrorists and not civilized human actions. If jihad is the continuing battle started by Adam between giving God control and doing what you want there should be no requirement for those actions in Islam. Which is the real face of Islamic jihad? Is jihad the struggle for the inner control of you or is jihad the call to go to war against the rest of the world.

As the Arab Spring states rebuild, Muslim nations have the opportunity to show the world that they are not dependant on the use of Islamic force to make everyone conform to the requirements of society? Does anyone thing that possible? Can a Muslim state create a democratic society? Is it possible to have freedom of religion or must the actions of Muslim people be controlled by the fear of force? Force may control actions but the only way force can ever control the mind of another is via death. How many people must die for radical Islam to achieve its stated objective?

In the United States of America, a majority Christian nation, "In God We Trust" is more that just our national motto it is what we believe. We believe in God as the final authority! He is the creator of all things. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Patrick Henry in the year 1776 wrote this: "It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great Nation was founded not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For that reason alone, people of other faiths have been afforded freedom of worship here."


Because God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins we have the Liberty to choose the course we will pursue seeking Happiness in our lives.  Freedom of Choice is offered only by Jesus Christ. You do not have to convert to Christianity, your Religion or lack there of is an individual choice. God is Lord of both our bodies and our minds; He chose not to coerce us in our faith. He wants us to willingly follow him. This is the foundation of the First Amendment to the Constitution; “Freedom of Religion”. The founders were fearful of creating a national religion and a religious state the spurge of humanity since the beginning of time. They were very consciousness of the dangers from ecclesiastical ambition, the bigotry of spiritual pride, and the intolerance of religious sects, thus exemplified in our domestic, as well as in foreign 'annals, so much so that it was deemed advisable to exclude from the national government all power to act upon the subject of religion. But this alone would have been an imperfect security, if it had not been followed up by a declaration of the right of the free exercise of religion, and a prohibition of all religious tests.

The Judeo/Christian Bible played a unique contribution in shaping the foundation of the United States of America. The rise of Secular Humanism based on the misconception that “the free exercise of religion” means “freedom from religion” has divided our nation more than at any time in history. In fact every public action must now be tested (by the Lemon law and others) to verify that it conforms to the religion of secular humanism!


The United States will cease to be divided, if God is confined to the inside of a Church building as Secular Humanists desire all is lost and the "experiment" in a new form of Government based on freedom of religion will have failed.

Free from Religion and without a legal foundation we are nothing but a Godless people tossed to and fro by the forces of the evil. We are now a Secular Humanistic Atheist society with a hedonistic mass of people enjoying the epicurean delights of a country “free from Religion”. To survive a democracy must have a moral edifice and underlying set of principles that its citizens live by. Manmade laws can only provide control when people willingly follow them otherwise those who make the laws must enforce them. They pick only the laws that benefit them and enforce those against only the people they choose. Secular Humanism is an abysmal failure and human greed associated with it has caused the failure of capitalism.

The resulting vacuum is being filled by the Muslims.  The forces of the radical Islamic Jihad are winning since one cannot fight something with nothing; the secularists are no match for Islam.


Look around, how much longer can the nation survive?

Islamic Theocracy is on the rise around the world and here in our homeland!

And as the Islamists say “time is on our side”, America will be an Islamic nation and Sharia law will be the law of the land if they have their way.

It may be too late the President already calls America One of the largest Muslim countries of the world.

Get an education on what the President is doing as he does not understand the foundations of our nation or share our values.

There is far more proof that he is correct when he  Admits He Is A Muslim. Than when he says “I am a Christian” that being the case actions are what matter.


What is his radical plan for “change”? Could it be to his Islamic worldview? He is appeasing the Muslim world and being hostile toward Israel. He puts Muslims in positions of power throughout his administration. He befriends the Muslim Brotherhood, He bows to the Saudi King. He raids our emergency oil supply for no reason and the list just goes on and on.

Based on the decrees of law issued by executive order the man would be King before the end of his second term in office. He is from Indonesia the largest member of the 57 states belonging to the OIC, Organization of Islamic Cooperation; as such he is using everything within his power to rapidly change the conditions throughout the Muslim world to his liking.

Little wonder why
He plans on spending $1 Billion dollars to purchase the office again. He is spending more money than all of the Republican candidates combined with a year to go before the election. Is American really for sale! Can he buy enough votes this time? Can he create enough fear in our nation before the election that we would willingly settle for the control of his civilian peace corps?

Is He responsible for sending American arms to Mexico? Why is Hezbollah in Mexico? There is a war by proxy going on in Mexico. Who are all the players, terrorists, drug cartels? The fast and furious investigation needs to be completed post hast!

Time is of the essence in the ensuing conflict. As the pressure grows his chances of actually securing the office again are decreasing.  He supports the OWS and the Muslim Brotherhood as such the potential for violence in the streets is increasing. How will he handle the final conflict of the war between his Sunni brothers in arms and the Shiites in the Islamic Republic of Iran? The Shiite leader has vowed to totally destroy the Western World and claims that “America is being eaten from the inside by the OWS” that Iran will not have to attack.

The conflagration of events is in the hand of God. What will it take for God to move us to action? Must we go down in the dustbin of history as just another failed nation who turned their backs on God or could it be that he is giving us one last chance to show the world what is possible when people humble themselves, take responsibility for their failures, ask forgiveness and by faith seek to follow Jesus Christ?

Either way too God be the Glory! May God bless you and may God bless the remnant of His people in this country and around the world.


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