Rickey Joe Story 


 A paradigm shift in America and the world has occurred because of our lack of leadership. This “change” reflects a huge tectonic shift in political money and global power.  The fissures within our nation are greater than when President Abraham Lincoln made his address at Gettysburg.  We are now called “the largest Islamic Nation in the world”, by our own President.    Click Here!

Control of our borders is the single biggest defensive battle of the war. If we do not find a way to protect the structure of our country we are doomed to failure.Usually the best defense is a good offense. We do not want our society to look like the ones which the refugees left behind. We must get the people on the books as part of our society with some pathway to citizenship preserved for those who are actually seeking to become productive citizens of our country.  Click Here! 

Islamic Conquest of the World Could be Near
Islam has moved from the subversive infiltration stage into the final campaign of terror all over the world! 
This war is not like any war we have fought in the history of our nation. The enemy is among us. Click Here!
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