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God made us the richest nation in the history of the world by providing us with the resources and the knowledge to use them. The financial disgrace of our nation occurred because of a lack of moral dependence on Him for guidance in the decisions made by individuals and a lack of checks and balances over businesses and government officials. Digital money and fictitious legal entities allowed for uncontrolled speculation without accountability.


We are near the end of the experiment of the Republic form of government envisioned by the founders of the United States of America. Five issues will cause the total financial ruin and collapse of the United States of America.


  1. Our growing dependence on imported oil. The United States, with only 4 percent of the world's population, uses more than 25 percent of the global supply of oil each day! We import 75% of what we use. U.S. dependence on imported oil from countries that are our potential enemies could destroy us. We are using too much oil, and allowing the countries we protect to use the oil money to buy our assets rather than pay for the protection we provide. National oil companies are buying up oil reserves around the world -- China even has a deal with Iraq to develop their oil fields -- the U.S. has nothing to show for the lives lost and the money spent in that country!                                                                                                                                                                   
  2. Money imported to fund government spending.  Every year, the U.S. government spends far more than it takes in through tax revenues. We are now into the Trillions of dollars every year. That's money we borrow by selling IOUs -- Treasury bills, notes and bonds. Most of the debt is owed to foreigners! China and Saudi Arabia being the larger sources. They are now rapidly converting those dollars into hard assets and gold. The U.S. is creating more fake dollars -- which must be inflation -- to help pay its bills and they, the foreign bankers, are concerned. At some point we will be forced to come to terms with the market conditions we have created. High interest rates and more political concessions from the lenders are coming.
  3. Greed; the voracity of our material accumulation is evident all around us. Our house is no longer a home used as the basis to build family and friends, rather it is a high risk investment vehicle used to extort every conceivable dollar of value to support what appears to be wealth to the world around us. In reality it is a grand facade on a fragile financial structure.   This perception of wealth cannot last indefinitely with a slight shift in it's foundation of sand the house of cards built on Congressional rule making requiring thousands of pages to confuse the people of the United States is falling. Not only are the corporations and financial institutions which are "to big to fail" failing, the legislation designed to make the system function is a total failure. With no checks and balances it is becoming more confusing allowing the same people that created the mess to continue as if nothing ever happened. The congressional leaders, regulators, and industry leaders are still the same. The only difference is the honest people enjoying life depending on the system have lost everything. We have created a "great society" by relaying on the government which can no longer provide the services expected to take care of the people with true needs to care of everyone affected by the failed regulators. We have even come to expect the government to provide not only for all our medical and retirement needs but the best of everything. The government has turned to debt from future generations of Americans and foreign countries to finance it. In a democracy power is provided to the leaders by the largest number of people receiving goods and services from the government who vote in its leaders. A great divide has occurred as less than 10% of the people in the country are now paying 90% of the taxes funding the benefits to the ungrateful masses who continue to demand more. The man with the most money to spend gets into power thus we have our first $800 Million dollar president.
  4. Gambling: The stock market has been replaced by markets in pure risk with no direct interest in the companies involved. We now have day traders who make a living on minute by minute trades, derivatives, ETF's and the buying and selling of default swaps on collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) all designed to manipulate the risk market. Rapid-fire means of communication have bought us the ability to have massive short term influence in the stock market forcing management to face and respond to further risk. The market crash of 2008 proved that this can bring down our entire financial system in one day.
  5. Government take-over of private industry, and freedom. The most disturbing trend is government takeover of private industry, grabbing control of everything possible not allowing "any crisis to be wasted". Based on regulatory failure the government has created conditions which allow the people in charge to control huge sections of our economy. When the people in charge make the rules and enforce the regulations only on a select group of people we are a socialist society and only one step from dictator control. The Supreme Court maybe the last hope we have.  When the government starts telling you what you can buy, when you can buy it, how long you can keep it and much you are going to pay for it you are nothing more than a slave.  The basis of our legal system and the destruction of the republic will be complete.

    Federal, State and local governments do not invest or create value efficiently they employ surplus workers whose value to governments comes primarily from their political activism in support of the people in power to retain power. Our Government is the largest employer in the world. It tells more people what to do and when to do it than any dictator in history. Government spending in the private sector to create jobs is never effective, digging holes and refilling them with dirt only results in high paid dirt diggers. It adds nothing to the economy; this "redistribution of wealth" in the public good is nothing other than political corruption. The purchasing of votes for political gain and power.  What next? Internal social unrest or international pressure?


Imagine what happens when the US dollar is no longer the world's business currency! What happens when countries refuse to buy our bonds?


OPEC oil sales will be based in local currency other than the American dollar. For centuries Dubai has been a trading hub and now trading has begun on the Dubai International Exchange, although trading on the local market, the Dubai Financial Market, where trading takes place in the local currency is booming to a greater degree. Both markets are controlled by the emir. Developing Islamic financial centers has been a major project over the last two decades. It is starting to show success in the centers of Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia itself. How will this effect the trading of oil? It is not good as they do not have the interests of the United States at heart and they now have enough money to buy anything in the world that exists in a free an open market economy, one with individual freedom and property rights the largest and most open being the USA. 


Foreign national oil companies control more and more of the world's oil resources. Our independent oil companies are being forced to spend billions of dollars per well in the most harsh conditions in the world to find new sources of oil. The price of oil is only going to increase.


The OPEC oil embargo in the seventies had a major impact on our everyday life around the world. In that episode the winners and losers in the whole episode were in general the independent oil majors, the OPEC governments coming out ahead the most, and the US in general doing fairly well thanks to petro-dollar recycling, but the developing world got financially wiped out (which much of it still hasn't recovered from). Least we forget the effects of the current energy dependency on oil to developing nations consider the cost of oil at $75 barrel in a society where the average income is less than $1 a day. Economic and social development in the developing countries is limited by energy services, supplies and use. Lack of Oil based energy systems severely limits developing countries ability to produce their own food. Non industrialized, food dependent countries do not provide for the development of individual freedoms and stable societies. They are ripe for take over by terrorists.



Today the flow of petro-dollars is to oil producing closed states, where the people do not participate in the increased riches. This results in a small number of Islamic leaders with control of large sums of money to accomplish their objectives, which have been clearly stated as a new one world Islamic state. The petro-dollars are not being invested in the once safe haven of the United States Treasurer bonds but rather in buying western companies, building Mosques in western countries including the USA and building infrastructure to create an Islamic homeland for the rich oil monarchs to live in style. Non Islamic oil nations like Russia have been able to tighten control and return to a closed state due to the influence of the inflow of petro-dollars. From bankruptcy brought on by the great policies of Ronald Reagan the communist empire is rebuilding on oil into a world power which might offer greater challenges to freedom than even the Islamic terrorist. Look at what is happening to the oil supply in Europe.



Consider the power of OPEC. Consider every time our actions are questioned based on the need for oil. Consider how these same foreign leaders stay in power by the very fact that they control the money, these countries have no bill of rights and no private property rights. The call should be for these other countries to open their markets for free enterprise before their sovereign wealth funds are allowed to purchase and control critical US assets and companies. Their system of doing business does not allow for foreign purchases of their major businesses or in most cases even foreign participation in ownership. For instance you could not buy oil rights in Saudi Arabia. It should not surprise us that these oil producers pursue their interests, excesses and ideologies with our money. But the massive transfer of wealth to some of the world's least responsible nations should disturb us.


We have known what to do about this for a long time but have not taken the necessary actions. Again we have stood idly by for 40 years allowing the problem to grow worse. As a nation we should feel the urgency of the financial problem, it could wipe out life as we know it in the USA in a matter of days.


What is lacking is the competence of those politically responsible to make the hard decision and take action.


Almighty God, help us not to look at the immensity of the task before us, but help us to look at the immensity of our all-powerful God. With humankind many things are impossible but with You, our Father, nothing is impossible. We want to trust You for supernatural workings in our lives and in the duties before us. As we go about our daily activities help us to see the answer to the question “who is you neighbor?” Help us to understand why it is important to come together as a nation not of individual free men without a purpose beyond our own desires but as people focused on the need to create a unified nation of individuals with strong Christian morals based on the 10 Commandments.


Lord we live in an open society, which can't be ruled but can be broken. The details of our decisions, our determination and how we function is available for the world to see. Our enemies seek to drive a wedge in, get their fingers on it -- and control us for their benefit. They won't need a whip – the yoke of oil and our own need for pleasure will do their work for them. They use the strength of our system of government against us. Our whole country is for sale and, thanks to our addictions to trinkets and oil; we gladly hand over the dollars to buy it from beneath us.



Lord, forgive us; provide us with the aspiration, ingenuity and the integrity to focus our efforts in ways that bring the greatest joy to you.


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